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BPW Leadership Award Program

2017 Leadership Award Night:
February 12, 2017

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Launch a BPW Leadership Award Program in your club!

Choose a recipient in your community for your local award!


Consider nominating a woman for the BPW Canada Leadership Award!



Contact the BPW Canada Leadership Awards Chair for:

  • Assistance in understanding the process

  • Assistance in choosing adjudicators

  • Ordering the glass award, certificate and jewelry

  • The latest edition of the evaluation sheet for nomination packages.


Contact information current chair:
Jeanne Martinson, BPW Canada Award Chair
PO Box 1216, Regina, SK S4P3B4
Phone: 306-591-7993 cell
306-569-0388 office
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The BPW Canada Leadership Award program was first introduced in 2006. It was a program to replace the BPW Canada Woman of the Year award. Both programs were open to nominees who were BPW members from across the country and were awarded at the national level, usually at the BPW Canada convention.

Text Box: What does the new award include?

Each BPW Canada Leadership Award and BPW Local Leadership Award will consist of three items:
•	A framed certificate
•	A glass award engraved with the BPW logo, the name of the leadership award and the name of the recipient
•	A piece of jewellery designed by international jewelry designer, Rachel Mielke of Hillberg & Berk. (The jewellery will reflect the BPW name within the design.)


Who can present and receive the award?


Any club or club member may nominate a BPW or non-BPW member for the BPW Canada Leadership Award that is presented at the national level. There is no charge in this process, but an application must be completed.


Any provincial organization may create a BPW provincial Leadership Award program. This process carries a $500 sponsorship fee paid by the sponsoring province to BPW Canada which covers the cost of the certificate, glass award and a portion of the jewelry piece (the remainder of the jewelry piece fee is covered by Hillberg & Berk).


Any club or club member may nominate and be involved with presenting a BPW local Leadership Award to a woman in her community who is a BPW or non-BPW member. This process carries a $500 sponsorship fee paid by the sponsoring club to BPW Canada which covers the cost of the certificate, glass award and a portion of the jewelry piece (the remainder of the jewelry piece fee is covered by Hillberg & Berk).

How are Hillberg & Berk involved in the program?
Hillberg & Berk have come on board as the official national sponsor of this program. Only with their support, has the program been developed to include the piece of jewelry (retail value of $600-$900) as part of the recipient’s award.


How many awards can be presented?

The local clubs, provincial organizations and national organization can decide if they wish to honour one or more than one recipient.

  • (As the fee to sponsor a recipient at the local or provincial level is $500, available club or provincial funding or sponsorship would determine the number of awards.)

  • Although the national award will be presented only in convention years, a local club may choose to confer a local award every year.

Text Box: What are the criteria for nominees?

The nominee must:
•	Consent in writing to her nomination
•	Be nominated by a BPW member, club or board
•	Be living at the time of nomination
•	Not be a member of the adjudication committee.

*Being a recipient of a local, provincial or national BPW Award does not eliminate a nominee from being nominated in another category.


Clubs choosing to award the BPW Leadership Award at the local level must use the same nominations package to determine the nominees’ qualifications for the BPW local Leadership Award.  This requirement is to ensure the value of the BPW Leadership Award remains consistent.

Text Box: The Nomination must include all of the elements listed in the nomination package. Any additional items will not be considered in the adjudicators’ decision.

The nomination package must include:
•	Nomination form signed by nominee and completed by the nominator
•	Completed questionnaire A and B
•	One page career summary
•	One page summary of any previous awards
•	One page volunteer summary
•	3 testimonial letters
•	Names, emails and telephone numbers of references that may be contacted to validate information on Questionnaire A. These must be different contacts than those who provided the testimonial letters. Only one reference may be used for every two questions. (Therefore three references must be provided to cover off the five questions).

The adjudication committee members, excluding the Leadership Awards Chair, will:

Consist of members from different areas of the country for the BPW Canada Leadership Award. (This requirement is not necessary for the BPW local or provincial Leadership Award.)

  • Consist of five women, three of which will be non-BPW members and two who will be BPW members

  • Comprise members chosen by the Leadership Award chair. BPW members can suggest names for adjudicators if they wish.

  • Not be members of the current board of directors of BPW Canada in the case of the BPW Canada Leadership Award, or the current board of directors of the BPW club in the case of the BPW Local Leadership Award.


The selection process will ensure that:

All nominations will be kept in confidence, as much as possible. (For example, all adjudicator notes and scoring sheets should be destroyed after recipient selection).

  • All nominators be notified by email that the nomination package has been received by the Leadership Awards Chair and be advised of any missing elements of the package. (The nominator has one week to forward any missing documentation to the Leadership Awards Chair).


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