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“Women Working for Working Women -
Advocacy, Leadership, Personal Development, Networking"


BPW advocates for women at the local, provincial, national and international level. Here are some examples:

Local – BPW Regina - Political Breakfast & Debate

BPW Regina organizes a breakfast when there is a municipal, provincial or federal election, and more than one party has a local female candidate. Candidates are invited to present their platform and provided time to answer questions. The event is opened to the public. Each candidate has five to seven minutes to answer three questions on current issues that impact women. (For example, over the next two years BPW Canada has three issues that they are dedicating efforts to: Women in Politics, Income Equity, and Childcare.) Participants attending the breakfast also have an opportunity to ask questions from the floor.

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BPWRegina "We have before us the glorious opportunity to inject a new dimension of love into the veins of our civilization," Martin Luther King, Jr.
BPWRegina RT @tbeaudrymellor: Lots of interesting nuggets in this study on perceptions of gender & politics. #skpoli @EqualVoiceCA @BPWRegina https:…
BPWRegina RT @MornaBallantyne: Fantastic news. #StatusofWomen #Canada restores advocacy funding Congrats and thanks @PattyHajdu
BPWRegina RT @WomenOfCanadaEh: Executive director of UN Women speaks about the priorities re the status of women in Canada
BPWRegina RT @globalnews: Status of Women Canada will soon allow groups advocating for women and girls to receive federal project funding. https://t.…

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