History of BPW Regina

Late in 1932, a small group of eleven Regina business women met to discuss the possibility of organizing a Business and Professional Women’s club in the city of Regina.  They moved forward, creating and passing a constitution on January 10, 1933.  The first official meeting of the club was held February 6, 1933.

The club experienced rapid growth.  By March of 1933 membership was at 20 members and by the end of 1993, membership had grown to 45 women.  On January 15, 1934 a motion was passed for the Regina club to become a member of the Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs.

From its very beginning, BPW Regina has been focused on assisting and advocating for women in Regina and beyond.  Some of the early initiatives BPW Regina supported:

  • Providing monetary assistance to a young girl attending Normal School (teacher’s college) and sorely in need of assistance for tuition fees (1933).
  • Supplying the YWCA to supply a 25¢ meal to a needy woman, once a day for a month (1934).
  • Delegating a member of the club to act on the new Unemployment Committee being formed in the city (1936).
  • Forwarded a resolution to the National board in favor of the establishment of Federal Scholarships for brilliant students unable, for financial reasons, to attend university (1937).
  • Sponsored the “Regina League of Women Voters” (1941).
  • Hosted the National Convention of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs (1948).
  • Lobbied to achieve equal pay for equal work through representation on the Equal Pay for Equal Work Committee. When Saskatchewan, Legislative Bill 98 “An Act to ensure Fair Remuneration to Female Employees” was passed in 1952, messages of congratulations were received from many clubs and requests were received for copies of the Act to be sent to the Status of Women’s Commission, United Nations, New York (1952).

There are too many activities to list them fully, but it is clear that right from the beginning, BPW Regina has been dedicated to working within the community and beyond to improve the economic, political, social and employment conditions of women.

BPW Regina continues that work today.  We continue to consult with local and provincial government representatives on issues of importance to women.  We continue to support women in our local community through programs such as Careers Unlimited and our local bursary for returning students.  We continue to look beyond our own borders and assist women outside Canada through our bursary program with the Canadian Harambee Education Society (CHES).  And finally, through our club meetings we continue to provide programming that is intended to inform, educate and inspire our members and help them achieve their goals.

We have a fabulous legacy to learn from and to continue building upon.  Why not join us, and make change happen!