BPW Regina President Susan Sutherland

President's Message

Welcome everyone.  I’m excited to kick off my second year as president of BPW Regina with a revamped website!  We’ve updated the look of the website, added new content, and created a members only area; so please browse the site and check out some of the new information and features provided.

As I enter into my second year as president of BPW Regina, I’ve been reflecting on why I decided to become a member of BPW Regina, and how I’ve benefited from that membership.  I first joined BPW Regina as a way to develop local networks with other professional women, but during the three years I’ve been involved with BPW Regina I have gained so much more than just those local connections:

  • I’ve attended informative programming on a variety of topics, from getting more women involved in STEM, to the implications of #MeToo in the workplace, to using social media for marketing and more.
  • I’ve been involved in initiatives such as our bursary programs and our careers event that support women and young girls in exploring education and career opportunities.
  • I’ve had the opportunity to become part of the executive team.  Depending on the role you volunteer for on the executive, you can gain valuable experience and develop skills to further  your career objectives.  For myself, I don’t get many opportunities in my career in the areas of communication and promotion.  Promoting BPW events through our communication channels including newsletters and TV have certainly bolstered my skills in those areas.  The opportunities on the executive are varied – from communications to secretarial to financial to event planning.  We’re currently looking to fill a number of vacancies on our executive.  Why not volunteer and gain some valuable experience at the same time!
  • And finally, I’ve gained more than just the social benefits that come from meeting great women and working with them to improve opportunities for women in our community.  BPW is part of a National (BPW Canada) and International (BPW International) organization, and I’ve enjoyed getting to know members from many of the other BPW clubs and learning about the issues and causes that BPW addresses at the national and international level.

That’s just a brief summary of what being part of BPW Regina has meant for me in the three years I’ve been a part of the organization.  It’s been a terrific experience and I look forward to continuing our journey of advocacy, networking, learning and growing together!

Susan Sutherland
President, BPW Regina

BPW Regina President Susan Sutherland