Educational Bursaries

“Let us pick up our books and our pens, they are the most powerful weapons” Malala Yousafzai.

Education is essential to empowering women to achieve their goals and aspirations.  As such, BPW Regina supports a number of educational bursary programs:

Canadian Harambee Education Society Bursary

The Canadian Harambee Education Society (CHES) is a non-profit organization which subsidizes the education of girls in Kenya and Tansania.  Since its start, CHES has subsidized the education of several thousands of girls.  Many have gone on to professional careers in medicine, research, accounting, education, engineering, technical and trades.  You can learn more about the Canadian Harambee Education Society through their website at

Each year, BPW Regina sponsors a girl for a full year in the Harambee program.  This sponsorship provides the funding necessary to ensure this girl’s ability to complete high school.

Local Bursary for Returning Students

The local bursary is designed to encourage and assist women in their continuation of post-secondary education.  The bursary value is $750 and is awarded in December.  To be eligible for the bursary, you must:

  • Be a mature woman (23+ years), out of school for at least three years prior to continuing post secondary education
  • Have successfully completed at least one academic year in post secondary education and be enrolled as a student for an additional year of post secondary education. (Note: second semester studies must be pursued for eligibility of the award).
  • Be from Regina or the immediate surrounding area
  • Be attending a Regina post-secondary institution
  • Have not received a BPW Education Award in the past

Preference will be given to candidates who demonstrate serious financial need.  Applications must be received no later than November 15th.


Careers Unlimited

Using a random draw, BPW Regina awards $500 to a high school girl from grade 10, 11 or 12 who attends our Careers Unlimited event.  The careers bursary is intended to support the student in their post high school studies and is paid into an RESP.  For more information on Careers Unlimited, see the Careers Unlimited page on our website.